Simply make your way through the narrative to learn.

Episode 5 leaves Earth behind and returns to the ARKS world class. An anomaly happens, and you end up in a new world called Omega located in a black hole with new and old characters battling corruption once again. Omega is designed with fantasy in mind. You will find castles, dragons, siege-like quests and kingdoms all surrounded by something that they call magical, but players will recognize as photons. Simply make your way through the narrative to learn.

Buster Quests are a very important part of Episode 5, with many of the narrative’s battle quests using their mechanisms. These brand new quests are also accessible at the pursuit counter and may be done with the eight-player multiparty. They’re very similar to this Apprentice Urgent Quest, where players need to work together to protect towers from oncoming enemies. However, there are lots of new mechanisms which make this new with how it’s more siege-like. After protecting the towers, weapons have been deployed and need to be shielded to breach the castle in the opposite end of this area. Once it is breached, everyone has to make their way to the boss — the castle itself. Buster Quests get gradually harder as their level can be built up like Extreme Quests. Obviously, new quests imply new items, but there are also new medals to be earned and a new store to go along with them.

There is lots of new content with Episode 5 to help keep players active, and the story is back to being centered around ARKS and combating with the Dark Falz. Alongside all these exciting new features, new things and Scratch Tickets are also out, and new Urgent Quests are going to be on the way to freshen things up in PSO2.

Starting with the open world facets, we’re pleased to find that the segmentation is indeed gone from most of the encounter. There’ll still be exploration and battle zones, but we’ll generally have the ability to roam in an unhindered experience and enjoy the game’s beautiful motor from more perspectives and angles. Together with the map changes, there’ll also be new ways to browse it. You are able to dash or glide to save some time and of course, seem cool.

The other major feature worth mentioning in the preview for Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis has been the introduction of the brand new player classes. You’ll have the ability to pick from the Ranger, Force, and Hunter classes at launch. Each class deals damage in a unique way with special skills to boot up. The Hunter is very good for getting up close and personal with large damage melee strikes, but it also includes high risk in many cases. For this reason, you can elect to choose the Force class should you like to sit back and throw ranged attacks while having access to an array of abilities. The Ranger looks particularly lively however, as it supports high freedom and remarkable ranged damage. We will need to see how these balance out, but we are excited to say the least.

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