Why I’ve been there drama RS

In general, I believe if your looking for RS gold an enjoyable and rewarding way to kill some time whilst not taking things too seriously or perhaps get involved with a good online community, RS3 is the way to go. Compared to OSRS is the thing to do if your looking for a feeling of achievement you have spent online. If you’re searching for RuneScape with longevity, however, I’d suggest RS3, despite it’s own bunch of problems and regardless of what OSRS players will tell you, and want to believe themselves, OSRS is not heading in a good direction long term. Community wise, with the toxicity of the community and the complete immunity to anything that messes with their nostalgia, Jagex will eventually have to choose between satisfying it’s old participant base and keeping their player base entirely.

Why is RuneScape good for me personally is dueling someone about the Wilderness or hunting other players. PvM and skilling is shit of their time. There are items like raids and particular managers that could be fun but don’t believe they justify the massive number of hours you gotta sit on your pc to grind. I really don’t think RuneScape is great when you want some kind of distraction to keep your attention from the boredom that may be a slayer task, fishing, agility, etc. I don’t believe I can ever describe any game I have ever played as a tool”I do on the side” it almost sounds like a part-time occupation.

Another matter with skilling and PvM is the absence of development, there is little to no difference between what you do at a skill at level 3 than what it is you’re doing at level 90 and beyond. Same is true for PvM, before you arrive at the tail-end of it, you’ll fight monsters the exact same way for hours and hours. People today consider development as”numbers going up” but it lacks a lot of depth in like 80% of it. It’s also a bizarre, nearly anti-social, experience. If you are skilling for resources or training combat at particular areas it is almost like you need to avoid running into players because they might get in the way of your practice. I have met plenty of people but it’s always exactly the same, possibly one dialog and I will never speak to them again, CCs always discuss exactly the same things too. I’m going to guess based on your name you made an account just to vent about RuneScape. It’s ok, I’ve been there also.

I select my avenues and also work towards my goals wether it’s to grind out a skill for a particular diary or a quest released 10 years ago with a good reward. I can leave and pick up RuneScape in 1 year and I dont need to play catch up because I missed a slew of dailies or my equipment isnt considered outdated and shit because I missed 2 new dungeons or raids. I typically dislike mmos, particularly theme park mmos since I dont need to deal with them like a second job/a job to maintain myself applicable. There’s also no sentimental significance to a lot of those items because I know they are gonna become outdated in the upcoming huge patch. In osrs I can get an infernal cape and use that shit with pride since it’s been one of, if not the very prestigious item in RuneScape for 3 decades. Give me a mythical item in WoW and it’ll become obsolete within another raid.

So I have seen people talk about enjoying Oldschool Runescape and loving it on a daily basis and that I wished to ask you guys this, if I get into Oldschool Runescape? What is something that makes it stick out among other MMORPGs. Can this RuneScape I can appreciate solo or buy RuneScape gold is playing with friends advocated? What do you personally enjoy about playing with it? Try it out. It’s very grindy though and time gated at things. It has almost a cult like following and imo is really a really great game. You can 100% enjoy it solo and really the only thing you need friends for are if you would like to get into late game bossing(also to be societal ).

Countless hours spent clicking. If you do start you wont stop, youll become hooked. Each the content in RuneScape technically can be performed solo, however it would be best to locate a few friends in RuneScape game.